2016.06.29 11:39

anonymous asked: Happy birthday to one of the best writers in the fandom! 🎈

THANK YOU LOVELY ANON! 😘😘😘😘😘😘 it was a wonderful birthday!!

She…she really isn’t… Either that, or the fandom is hideously untalented, which, it isn’t, so…


trade mistakes

the thing is, even though i don’t believe hard work is always worth it, or often worth it, because it seems to usually end up failing and therefore being pointless (i.e., “We worked so hard, and now it’s all gone”), that doesn’t mean i won’t work hard, because working hard is something to do, and it’s not like i have purpose in any other areas of my life, so why should i have purpose in this one?

tl;dr i hate hillary clinton. and the dnc. and the democratic party. and the associated press. and the media in general. and the republican party. and donald trump. and a lot of america. and politics. and life. and everything.

tl;dr why don’t you just shut up and die.