2016.08.27 22:07

FINALLY I have a minute to myself to be on tumblr, to write and to, frankly, GET DRUNK – who is around this evening?!? Let’s hang?! PLEASSSEEE

so…she gets drunk as like, a pastime? like…it’s a regular goal? i don’t…i don’t get it, what the fuck is wrong with her?

and i mean, i’ll always be frustrated that her shitty writing is so, so popular, but i’m kind of worried for her health? well, not “worried,” more like “curious,” but still.


miniature architecture

yes, mother, you end each episode (and often times pepper them as well) with “bitching” (i stand by the use of the term) about how dissatisfied you are with suits and most, if not all of the characters, which makes it very difficult for me to watch and enjoy, oh, any of it, particularly the increasingly less subtle allusions to how much mike and harvey love each other.

you know, as a rational johnlocker, it’s hard to watch sherlock with her, but at least there she knows where i stand. at least she’s been told, who knows what she remembers. with suits, i’ve gone way out of my way to not bring it up, even as the romantic tropes and just potential for innuendo become more and more blatant, so it’s not like i can say i still watch the show because it’s like a frustrating marvey slow-burn. no, i watch it “for their relationship.” which is the only interesting feature, btw, all the more so if you put an intimate overlay on it.

sergeant thunderfist, md

oh god, darcylindbergh and hudders and hiddles posted another slew of chapters for between each beat are words unsaid… they’re becoming increasingly absurd and sherlock is becoming more and more out of character, but hold onto your socks, ladies and gentlemen, because at the end of chapter 170, a transcript (again, these kids do not know how to write transcripts) of the 999 call sherlock made after mary shot john (it’s unclear how bad the injury actually was) has mycroft closing out the convo by saying, presumably to sherlock: “I’m sorry, little bee.”

not too surprisingly, a few comments make reference to it, all lauding its…emotive power? everyone seems to think it’s adorable and i guess tragic or something, and i’m just like, i think that’s one of the stupidest things i’ve ever read, this story is ridiculous.