sergeant thunderfist, md

oh god, darcylindbergh and hudders and hiddles posted another slew of chapters for between each beat are words unsaid… they’re becoming increasingly absurd and sherlock is becoming more and more out of character, but hold onto your socks, ladies and gentlemen, because at the end of chapter 170, a transcript (again, these kids do not know how to write transcripts) of the 999 call sherlock made after mary shot john (it’s unclear how bad the injury actually was) has mycroft closing out the convo by saying, presumably to sherlock: “I’m sorry, little bee.”

not too surprisingly, a few comments make reference to it, all lauding its…emotive power? everyone seems to think it’s adorable and i guess tragic or something, and i’m just like, i think that’s one of the stupidest things i’ve ever read, this story is ridiculous.


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