keldeo – resolute form

2016.09.30 22:59

anonymous asked: omgomgomgomgogmomgomgnaejldhfakjbgsjr an adore you updaaaaate!!!!!!! IMA GO READ IT NOW


okay, two things. first of all, togepi is crying in that gif. crying because he is sad and frightened. pikachu is comforting him, not…thanking him for something. and second of all, i tried to read that chapter, honestly i did, and i got through maybe a quarter of it before i had to throw in the towel. it’s about five thousand words of john and sherlock being sappy and romantic and just so out of character that it gives me a headache, it really does.

you know what she does, she writes the shy baby deer version of sherlock that permeates so much of fandom as though that’s all he is. i mean, yeah, he’s got emotions, and yeah, they’re very strong, no matter how hard he tries to repress them, and yeah, he doesn’t necessarily know how to deal with or express all of them in “healthy” ways, and yeah, he’s in love with john. all of that is true. but the entirety of the rest of his personality isn’t going to switch off when he and john get together. he’s not subsumed by his relationship and it doesn’t turn the rest of him into a soppy romance-driven plot device.

that’s a big part of my issues with between each beat are words unsaid, too. i mean aside from the fact that it’s way too long and the premise is shit and doesn’t make a lick of sense. these people just all assume that there’s sherlock before john, who’s the cold, calculating, secretly pining emotional volcano preparing the burst, and sherlock after john, who’s romantic and sappy and slightly autistic (?) and utterly dissolved in the relationship such that absolutely nothing else matters. even cases are just convenient plot devices to blather on about how amazing john is, or vice versa.

plus the writing itself is just awful, so there’s that.


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