so this motherfucker literally just called yuri on ice “a Schrodinger’s Cat more dubious than Sherlock.” apparently victor and yuuri “make romantic and erotic gestures towards one another all the time but never mention to be more than coach/pupil?” did you not see the airport reunion scene? did you not hear yuuri ask victor to take care of him until his retirement? did you not hear victor respond that that sounds like a marriage proposal and that he hopes yuuri never retires? did you not use your sherlock-honed research and analysis skills to learn about japanese culture and discover that it kind of was a marriage proposal?

she goes on to complain that “You don’t now [sic] if they are in a relationship or not? Though they hug and once kinda kissed, the narrative (and one of the men) behaves as they may only be friends???” seriously woman what the fuck show are you watching, because it definitely isn’t the one that i’m watching. they hug a lot, actually (and don’t forget about the finger-lacing yuuri does! that is an intimate gesture that couples do!), and though kubo-sensei refuses to confirm it publicly, anyone with two eyes and two or more brain cells to rub together can see that they kissed. they were in a very, very public setting, and it was their first kiss, so it wasn’t as, let’s say “obvious” as it might have been in your standard m/f romantic comedy, but take it from me and the rest of the watching-with-our-brains-turned-on fandom, cupcake: they kissed.

oh i’m sorry, did you want something more obvious? how about their exchange of rings and verbal confirmation of engagement? when phichit tries to congratulate them on their marriage, victor says to everyone at the table that they’re engagement rings and yuuri does not deny it for a second. victor goes on to say that yuuri gives him life and love, which he has been neglecting for over 20 years, i.e., at least his entire skating career if not his entire life.

“I am very confused about it though I wanted to love it in an ‘open queer representation’ glory…”

gosh, i didn’t realize you needed them to fuck onscreen to make it clear to you.

see, this is why i’m so wary of people traversing into yuri on ice from the sherlock fandom. yeah, some of them probably have anime backgrounds, but how many know much of anything about japanese culture? how many are willing to learn, or dedicate as much energy to their support of the show and fandom as they do to sherlock? these shits will research from one end of the library to the other to dissect the meaning of a torch in a fruit bowl behind a chessboard but the idea that japanese cultural norms deviate sharply from american or european ones? no, i’m afraid that’s the limit of my knowledge bank, sorry, calling it quits at the station!

get out of my house with this fuckery.


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