saturn’s rings

skulls-and-tea posted something yesterday that struck me as kind of hurtful; i don’t think it was intended as such because of the way it was worded, i.e., “please don’t disown me but,” but it was kind of…illuminating?

so she doesn’t watch yuri on ice, obviously, and i gather is sick of seeing her friends posting all about it thirty times a day and wants to get it off her dash.

there are three ways to go about this and they’re all insanely obvious: one, install xkit, blacklist every yoi term you come across, and manually block any yoi post you see that isn’t tagged properly; two, unfollow anyone who posts too much yoi content for your tastes; three, suck it up and deal.

look, i don’t pitch a fit every time a new marvel movie comes out and all y’all are posting stucky shit every other minute like it’s the biggest thing since sliced bread. if you want to stay but really don’t know how to navigate tumblr, which i doubt because of her massive content and integral role in the sherlock fandom, then learn. or get off, if it’s really that aggravating. but don’t get all public with your negativity (that’s what it is; it could’ve been indifference or aversion if you’d only kept your damn mouth shut) about something that’s clearly really important to a lot of people. and you know what else, it’s not like the sherlock fandom doesn’t do this; i’ve seen so many edits of ben and martin at that goddamn premiere that i’m actually getting sick of it. i normally quite like the two of them together, being friends, getting along, laughing, et cetera, but i am done with that event! i mean god, i get it.

(yes, i appreciate the irony.)

on the other hand, it gave me a great excuse to unfollow her; i didn’t do it right away, but the more i thought about it, the more i realized that her content isn’t really important to me. any quotes she posts that are “required reading” will be picked up by someone who I do still follow, and most of her posts are actually just reblogs of stuff she’s posted in the past, from as far back as 2010 or even the same day. actually, now that i’m writing this out, i really was getting sick of seeing her on my dash, and i haven’t really read any of her posts top to bottom in quite awhile.

huh. go figure that.

and here’s something i’ve been dwelling on recently: in combination with my wariness over the yoi and sherlock fandoms potentially intermixing, i wonder if some of my recent resistance to the sherlock fandom is in part due to their growing adoration for amanda and mary. i still haven’t forgotten the shitstorm amanda stirred up when she first joined the show and started posting all those defensive rants on twitter, and i also haven’t forgotten how unimpressed i was with her acting at first blush (or second or third). i’ve never, ever found her physically attractive, and as more behind-the-scenes and event photos come out, more and more people are talking about how hot they find her, which i don’t understand at all. it’s not even that this is the opposite of a talent crush, i just don’t think she’s pretty. of course, i don’t think martin’s especially attractive either, and plenty of them are “thirsting” over him at every turn, so maybe the two are related.

right. i have to remember to divorce myself from the exclusionary and divisive (and occasionally toxic) fandom, absorb all their meta-analyses for my own edification, and remember that i love this show on its own merits.


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