so mssmithlove1 asked for prompts, again, i don’t think because she has any intention of actually writing any of them but because she just wants to trade them with other teenlock fans? anyway i sent in a direct ripoff of “Little Girl in the Big Ten” (oh no! report cards are sent home and genius sherlock is failing phys ed! but coach won’t fail him if he…joins a school team, i admit i didn’t want to default to that fucking “sherlock sucks at gym but john is enraptured by his beautiful ballet skills” trope) and her response isn’t to comment on the scenario itself (which is actually pretty thoroughly laid out) but that athlete!john and ballet/nerd!sherlock is her favorite teenlock trope. and like…that’s nice? but it’s also the only one that’s consistent with bbc canon. we know john played rugby and we know sherlock was mocked for his intelligence, so, you know. it’s basically the most unoriginal fanon-that’s-actually-canon you could come up with.

and seriously i lifted it right out of The Simpsons. not only that, seven other dorks decided to enable her by “Liking” it, and two of them reblogged it as well (sans tags, oh well), so, good times. go me.


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