look, shadowhunters is a stupid fucking show. i watched like…four or five episodes and the acting is mediocre, the plot is derivative, and the special effects are shit.

and i know the show is supposedly a wide divergence from the books, and cassandra clare (née judith rumelt? seriously?) is supposedly super unhappy with the changes, but i cannot get over the controversy of the draco trilogy and her fanfiction background. she started out rotten and everything she touches dies on the vine.


alright that’s it, she’s whining that it seems like all the comments she’s been receiving recently have been negative and i’m just like…bitch please, you get probably 95% sycophantic ego-stroking fuckery compared to 2% callouts and 3% people legit trying to help you but you can’t accept any form of critique so you perceive it as an attack on your fragile little self.

she’s not even entertaining anymore from a sadistic perspective, and her writing is exactly as shitty as it was two years ago; i’m gonna unfollow her, i think it’s time. past time. overdue.

steal the toiletries

so everyone’s favorite thinnest-skinned sherlock fic writer wanted to play “true or false” last night, for…some ungodly reason. and this was the first comment, which i thought was pretty fun:

2017.04.08 22:14

Anonymous asked: U use too many epithets. T or F? I like your writing but yeah.

yes. i mean this is far from the only issue i have with her shitty writing, but not only is it true, it’s one of the standard stages all amateur writers need to go through before becoming, you know, not shitty.

ETA: WHOA i just noticed that one of her tags on that post is “i didn’t ask for your opinion on my writing” and like, are you fucking with me? the original post, copy-pasted, reads: “Let’s play True or False. Leave me a message in my ask, and I’ll answer it with a true or false.” that is non-specific, meaning people can ask about anything. you market yourself as a sherlock fic writer, you promote your fics all the time, you constantly seek validation from your readers, apologizing for delaying updates (transparent plea for attention) and bringing up new ideas (over “concerns” that they’ll take time away from “the main fic” and people won’t want to wait), and most of the responses to that stupid game were people gushing over your writing. if you’re going to beg for the good, you have to be prepared for the bad, honey, not everyone’s gonna like you and your product.

and then, the last comment of the night…

2017.04.09 0:14

Anonymous asked: That anon went too easy on you, you’re actually a pretty shitty writer.

ngl this made me laugh. in like a schadenfreude kind of way, obviously, but still.

you know the thing is, i’ve tried to give her, like, nice suggestions to improve her writing, but she receives any form of criticism as an attack and places herself far above it, so why not go full force? i mean i didn’t write it, i said that she drinks when she’s alone rather than as a social event (and she agreed because i assume she’s too stupid to understand that i was accusing her of being a casual alcoholic), but it really did make me laugh because thank god i’m not the only person who thinks she sucks.

ETA: the thrilling conclusion!

2017.04.09 18:24

Thank you all for the beautiful supportive messages after those rude anons stopped into my inbox 💜💜 I’ll try to respond to everyone but I wanted to apologize for my behavior last night. I shouldn’t engage with negative people like that, it helps nothing and I don’t want anyone to have to see crap like that on their dashes. So I’m sorry 💜 and to make up for it, I’m posting a photo of my tiny Seb sleeping with his tongue out 🙈 I hope this makes up for things and I apologize if I made anyone upset last night 💜💜 XO

alright, yeah, i admit the last one was pretty rude, but the first one wasn’t so much rude as, like…tactless. indelicate. blunt, but definitely true. and seriously what was wrong with her behavior? she stuck up for herself. i mean they were right, but she defended herself anyway, which is fair enough. i guess she could’ve ignored them, that would’ve been the classy thing to do.

who needs another picture of her fucking dog, though, that’s not a gift. that is a dash clog, more than those anons from last night.


so mssmithlove1 asked for prompts, again, i don’t think because she has any intention of actually writing any of them but because she just wants to trade them with other teenlock fans? anyway i sent in a direct ripoff of “Little Girl in the Big Ten” (oh no! report cards are sent home and genius sherlock is failing phys ed! but coach won’t fail him if he…joins a school team, i admit i didn’t want to default to that fucking “sherlock sucks at gym but john is enraptured by his beautiful ballet skills” trope) and her response isn’t to comment on the scenario itself (which is actually pretty thoroughly laid out) but that athlete!john and ballet/nerd!sherlock is her favorite teenlock trope. and like…that’s nice? but it’s also the only one that’s consistent with bbc canon. we know john played rugby and we know sherlock was mocked for his intelligence, so, you know. it’s basically the most unoriginal fanon-that’s-actually-canon you could come up with.

and seriously i lifted it right out of The Simpsons. not only that, seven other dorks decided to enable her by “Liking” it, and two of them reblogged it as well (sans tags, oh well), so, good times. go me.